The Wolfhounds are an Irish\Celtic acoustic folk duo based out of Chattanooga TN. The band features an eclectic mix of instrumentation and perform a “wide variety of high-energy Irish tunes, ranging from the Clancy Brothers to the Pogues and everything in-between.”



The Boys in the Band

Chris Armstrong (guitar, vocals, tinwhistle, bodhran, bagpipes and pint glass) lives in the Dalton GA area and can sometimes be found regaling passersby in downtown Chattanooga with the Great Highland bagpipes. Chris is an accomplished bowyer and avid outdoorsman, and in his spare time enjoys honing his bushcraft skills, including how not to get lost in the woods.

Brian Davis (guitar, vocals, tinwhistle, mandolin and duck call) is a resident of Chattanooga TN.  Formerly a trumpet player, he fell in love with Celtic music in the mid-90s, and it has been avoiding his calls ever since. His hobbies include fishing, archery, kayaking and teaching his dog Nemo to sleep on the sofa all day.

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